AIARE Level 1 Avalanche Course January 6-7, 2024 Anthony Lakes


What: This course is a hybrid design with pre-course online learning that should take on average 8 hours to complete.  Students will also be required to participate in a 2-hour Zoom session approximately 1 week before the start of the two field sessions.  Pre-course online learning materials will be sent out a month before the course starts.

Where: The Wallowa Avalanche Center is offering the AIARE 1, January 6-7, and will take place near the Anthony Lakes ski area.

Participants Must Have:
Digital avalanche transceiver, avalanche shovel, avalanche probe
Backpack (airbag pack optional)
Backcountry skis, split-board, or snowshoes

OR SnoPark Pass

Price Includes:
AIARE Certified Course Leader and Instructors
24-hour course with a 6:1 maximum ratio
AIARE field book
AIARE certificate of completion

If you would refer to pay with a check, please email to be added to the course roster and mail a check to: WAC PO Box 324 Joseph, OR 97846.

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Who Should Take This Course: The AIARE 1 is for anyone, regardless of the method of travel, who wants to recreate in or near avalanche terrain. AIARE 1 is a three day/24 hours introduction to avalanche hazard mitigation. Students can expect to develop a good grounding in how to prepare for and carry out a backcountry trip, to understand basic decision-making while in the field, and to learn rescue techniques required to find and dig up a buried person (if an avalanche occurs and someone in the part is caught.

Student Learning Outcomes:

At the end of the AIARE 1 course, the student should be able to:

  • Develop a plan for travel in avalanche terrain.
  • Demonstrate the ability to identify avalanche terrain.
  • Effectively use The AIARE Risk Management Framework to make terrain choices in a group setting.
  • Demonstrate effective companion rescue.


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